Which lash serum works best for you?

In this blog post, we will be looking at what eyelash serum is all about and which one might work best for you. With the number of products on the market it can be hard to know which one will give you your desired style or length. Let’s take a closer look!

First we need to ask ourselves: What do I want my eyelashes to look like? Do I want them fuller and longer? Or maybe just more natural? It helps if you set some goals so that when choosing an eyelash product, you know what kind of results you’re going for based on the ingredients list. Then read on for our review of three popular brands of lash serums: Eyenvy, MD Lashes, and Latisse.

There’s no “best” lash serum product, just what works for your needs and preferences

When I was deciding on which serums to retail, I had to find ones that actually worked and what I found that … I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but the reality is that there’s no “best” product out there. There are products that work best for some people and not at all for others. The most important thing to do is figure out what your lashes needs are and then find a product with those qualities. It might be expensive or inexpensive, natural or synthetic, but as long as it does its job well, it doesn’t matter if everyone else tells you otherwise but here are my own experiences and what I’ve seen from client experiences from using lash serums.

Let’s start by talking about three of the more popular lash serum on the market today that we stock and how they work based on their ingredients list.

Ingredients lists in packaging are listed from what it contains from most to the least. Following this, I concentrated on the top ingredients and how they benefit in a table.  I’ve also included the first few main natural ingredients on their list.

  Eyenvy MD Advanced Tonic
Peptide ingredients


Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17, Acetyl Tetrapeptide3 Palmitoyl Tripeptide-1, Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7, Palmitoyl pentapeptide-4
Benefits Encourages keratin production, combats hair loss, prepares bed for hair anchoring Encourages collagen production, skin conditioning
Natural ingredients Trifolium Pratense (Clover) Flower extract Rehmannia Chinensis Root Extract, Castanea Crenata Shell
Benefits Healing agent Skin conditioning, antioxidant
Country of Origin USA Korea

As a comparison, Eyenvy Lash Conditioner ingredients encourages lash growth by increasing keratin production and prepares the lash line to strengthen the natural lashes at the follicle base. MD Advanced Lash Tonic on the other hand has a more holistic approach in nourishing the lash line and conditioning the skin with antioxidants. It restores the youthfulness of the cells to promote healthy growth of lashes. Another lash serum we were thinking of introducing called “Silly George” on another hand contains antimicrobial ingredients and enzymes which I believe restores the natural flora of the lash line which can be disrupted by bacteria and lash mites which is developed from personal lash hygiene. Factors like not washing the lash line properly and clearing off make up debri well can disrupt the environment, prohibiting natural lashes from growing to their full potential and prematurely shedding.

I experienced different outcomes from each lash serum

The changes I experienced using Eyenvy was definitely more noticeably longer and thicker lashes. I do however have a sensitive lash line and when not careful, there were times when I was left with red eyelids and dry eyes. MD advanced lash tonic on the other hand felt more gentler on my lash line and I did not experience any sensitivity to the lash serum. My eyelid did naturally appear more refreshed and my lashes felt softer. So… actually I use both. Purely because I have access to it, and I thought to myself… so why not. One is dealing with my actual lash growing while the other is nourishing the sensitive around it and my lashes.

For my conclusion, they’re both great, but they each have their own benefits. MD has an added benefit of having peptides that can help strengthen your lashes as well as the main ingredients for growth like biotin and vitamin B5. It’s also cheaper than Eyenvy .But if price is no object, then go ahead with Eyenvy because it does seem to noticeably work better for me in terms of length and thickness!

The best way to make up your mind? Just try them out by clicking on link to purchase.