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Lash lift AKA Lash filler Melbourne

We used to offer lash lifts as a service in our Melbourne home studio about 4 years ago. Find out why we decided to stop the service in this blog post. Instead, we are now offering in place of our lash lift, Inlei LASH FILLER. It is a revolutionary, innovative & unique new treatment, clinically tested for its effectiveness in giving natural lashes a lift, extra thickness and curl all in one service.

iLei is the highest quality products made in Italy that give natural lashes beautiful curl and nourishment. It is one of the only products in the world clinically tested in its effectiveness of thickening of the hair that increases on average by 24% in just three sessions.

If you are looking for a more natural and daily alternative to eyelash extensions, and better results and healthier approach to a lash lift, our inLei lash filler can help you achieve this.

inLei Lash fillers is a more evolved version of the lash lift or lash perm

The health of our clients lashes are the most important so when we discovered that this Italian company encompasses high quality raw materials, deep research of hair biochemistry, reactions with chemicals and the effectiveness of the ingredients in the treatment, we had to invest ourselves to learn more for our clients. The original lash lifts were created to mimic a lash perm. The natural lash is processed by breaking the bonds and then re-bonding the hair structure. inLei lash filler treatment on the other hand was created to protect, reinforce, improve and render more the natural eyelashes.

Clinically proven to thicken the natural lash in 3-6 sessions

Result are increasingly evident if the treatment is repeated. It is therefore advisable to complete 3-6 sessions every 3-5 weeks. LASH FILLER is a revolutionary serum, which not only affects the thickness of the existing hair but also stimulates the root and proliferation of keratin.

We love this system because of the customization it offers over lash lifts. Upon analyzing your natural lashes, we are able to specialize your curl from the choice of 8 different silicon pads as opposed to 3 types lash lifts used to offer. So this means we can tailor the look of the eyes and shape your lashes right down to the smallest details.

Customized curls for long thick lashes to fine, thin baby hairs.

inLei Lash fillers is a more evolved version of the lash lift or lash perm.  The outcome is a more natural and subtle curl with assurance that your natural lashes can remain healthy with added thickness. You can have naturally enhanced eyelashes with no extra maintenance!

This service is a semi-permanent treatment that can last up to 6 weeks. It is commonly done along with other eyelash services for an extra touch. There is no need for extra maintenance or applications afterwards, aside from the 24-hour setting period where we recommend you should not get your eyelashes wet.

Easy low maintenance curled lashes that protects the integrity of your natural lashes.

Lash Lift | inLei Lash Filler 

  • 60 min single appointment $115

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First time getting eyelash extensions and it was truly an amazing experience. I’m so happy with my eyelashes, they look incredible, natural and beautiful.

— Shereen, Bundoora

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