Are eyelash extensions bad for you?

Are eyelash extensions bad for you? The truth is, yes they can be bad for your lash health.

The application of eyelash extensions can go horribly wrong if you don’t research the quality of skill of the lash artist. Improper care and low maintenance can contribute to poor lash health so you need to be well educated by your lash artist so that you can enjoy beautiful lashes and save time on your daily beauty regime. If in the case you have had a bad experience, you may want to consider a lash serum while your lashes recover. [Read all about serums here]

Here are some tips to help you get started on the path to lash longevity

Do your research. Be sure to read reviews on the eyelash extension artists before you make your appointment. Visit their social media pages and see if they are well received by others in their industry. This will give you an idea of the lash artist’s work ethic which is incredibly important when it comes to eyelash extensions because poor application leads to damaged lashes. Make sure you check out the photos that are provided in Instagram and understand that which photos are stock photos, which are model images and which are actual client photos. You will get a more realistic understanding of the quality you will get. Check for close up photos of the work and also compare the thickness of the extensions to the natural lashes of the clients. This way you will be able to get an idea of the artist’s work ethic. Do they put your health of lashes as a priority of a pretty picture and likes.

Your lash extensions last on average about two to four weeks.

Your eyelashes will fall out naturally and then new ones will begin growing in their place. There is a misconception that eyelash extensions cause them damage and cause them to fall out but many don’t realize your natural lashes shed. So when your extensions should shed along with them, you should check if they have one natural lash attached to it. If there are more than one natural lash, then your lash extensions are causing premature pulling of your natural lashes, and this causes damage.

Proper cleaning and maintenance of your eyelash extensions and natural lash line is important to lash health.

Consider how your lash artist ends the appointment. Did they carefully explain how to maintain your lashes? Or did they just send you off on your way after applying your eyelash extensions?

When eyelash extensions are applied, you want to ensure that the adhesive is not too close from your lash line. This will help reduce irritation and allow for proper eyelid function. If the attachment is too close, proper cleaning around the natural lash cannot occur and bacterial build up can occur which can lead to blepharitis or even lash mites. We all have lash mites in our lash line but if the lash line creates a breeding ground for them, that is what they will do and it can cause your lashes to shed prematurely. During your refill appointments your lash artist should be able to confidently discuss your cleaning regime because they want to promote a health lash line.  A clean eyelid is crucial for each client’s eyelash health, natural lash growth and longevity. If you are after a gentle lash cleanser that is specifically formulated for the sensitive thin skin of your eyelids, check out our Prolong Foam lash cleanser.