How COVID will affect your lash service

Our commitment to keeping our staff, clients and community safe

Following the guidelines set out by DHHS, and Vic gov, we have adapted the guidelines alongside ours keep our staff, clients and community safe.

We ask that you wait outside the studio until you are asked to come in. As one of our staff will ask you to enter, they will check your temperature before you proceed to the waiting area.  Clients will then be required to remove their shoes and place them in the allocated section before getting onto the lash beds. Once your shoes are removed, you may sanitize your hand either with the hand sanitizer provided, or you may wash your hands in the automatic hand basin at the back of the studio.

Increasing airflow by opening windows and adjusting our air conditioning

You may bring along with you a blanket as we will have minimal soft furnishings on our lash beds. We would still like you to be in comfortable and calm environment while you are getting your lash extensions.

Mask coverings are required

All our staff will be wearing N95 masks and we ask that you also bring along with you a medical grade mask. To keep us secure, a medical mask will be provided to you at a cost of $5 if you are not wearing a medical mask. This is a strict policy we will adhere to as we believe this would give us all the best possible protection with lowest risk of transmission.

Training certificate for Covid19Staff completed Infection Control Training

All our staff has completed the Covid Infection control training as provided by the government. This training covers hand cleaning and safety procedures we do so we can provide a safe eyelash extensions and cosmetic eyebrow tattooing service specifically in regards to COVID19.

Increased environmental cleaning

All high traffic areas like our door handles and our waiting room will be cleaned regularly. The floors will be disinfected every 4 hours, and between our staff shifts. Our automatic hand wash basins, and waste baskets will be emptied daily.

Work and appointment schedules to lower cross-over

We will begin with limited availabilities so that we can schedule clients at different times to avoid over crowding in our waiting area. We will be decreasing appointment times, and increasing time between clients to ensure we can completely clean the areas as needed. Please be understanding and flexible when we make the request.

Client details to be recorded for easy contact tracing

To assist any health regulators, we will be recording details of phone number and address of all clients. This is to ensure we can contact you as efficiently as possible if there was any risk of exposure.

Preparation of case management

In the case we are informed of a suspected or positive case of COVID19, with the aid of WorkSafe, we will contact all clients who have visited on the same day or as required. We will inform clients by email and mobile phone. As we work with DHHS, all cleansing procedures as required will be taken and only once agreed by DHHS  will we proceed to re-open.