Frequently Asked Questions About Eyelash Extensions At Eyewonderlust

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How long do eyelash extensions last?

They last as long as your natural eyelash. Lashes go through a 6-8 week cycle, and with proper aftercare, clients can expect to come in around 3 weeks for refills to keep them looking full.

Are lash extensions damaging?

No, eyelash extensions do not damage your lashes if they are applied properly. Every care is taken to ensure that the extension is only applied to one single natural eyelash. The length and thickness of your natural lash will be assessed to determine what’s best suited to your lashes. Extensions that are too long and too heavy can potentially damage your lashes in the long run.

How many lashes make a full set?

This varies between people but it ranges from 50-100 lashes per eye.

Do you use mink lashes?

No. Personally, we think this is unhygienic and unethical using an animal product in your lash line.

What type of extensions do you use?

Synthetic PBT faux mink lashes that are made in Korea.

What type of adhesive do you use?

We use adhesives sourced and made in Korea that have been KC certified.

What is a Junior Stylist?

All our stylists/lash technicians are trained and certified by Grace before they take on any clients. Each technician under go a training period until their application technique is to our Eyewonderlust standard. This means every set is safe and damage-free. A junior stylist is a lash technician who just needs a bit more time for each appointment to apply the number of lashes as booked.

Can I use mascara on my lash extensions?

No. It is recommended that you do not use mascara on your extensions as it can affect the life of your extension. Afterall, you just got extensions! You really shouldn’t need to wear any mascara.

Can I wear makeup with my extensions?

Yes you can. So long as you are not using waterproof products (as you will need an oil-based remover), you may wear make-up. You will need to take care when removing your make-up.

How do I clean my lashes?

Using a product specifically formulated for eyelash extensions and a cleansing brush, gently sweep through between the lashes. Carefully rinse them with water, and gently pat them dry. Lightly brush them into place. Don’t worry, you will be shown how to care for your lashes after your appointment.

How do I get the longest wear out of my extensions?

2-3 days before your appointment, avoid products like mascara, oils and creams to come in contact with your lashes. This can create a barrier for the adhesive to cure properly to the lash. Straight after your appointment avoid any exposure to steam, sweat and water for the first 7 hours (preferably 24 hrs). Use a foaming cleanser, to clean your lashes every other day, and brush them daily. If you’d like to use eyeliner, we recommend using a felt tip eyeliner for more precision in avoiding the extensions.