Glamour Sets at Eyewonderlust

Glamour Sets, as the name suggests is a set that gives you that instant Glamorous look. It is the perfect set for those who wear a full face make-up as a day to day beauty regime. This set creates a deep dark density that can mimic strip lashes without the weight and hassle. If you love to always look made-up and ready for any occasion, our Glamour Sets would suit your needs. This is also a great set for those special occasions like your wedding, baby showers, balls, and any occasion where you need to be camera ready. To create such density without damaging your natural lash health, your lash artist will use Russian Volume as a technique for your set.

Glamour Sets

Signature (2hrs)  | Elegant Luxe (2.5 Hrs)

New sets from $230 – $299

Maintenance refills

Recommended | Extra (70 Mins) | Ultimate ( 90Min)

Refill Price from $120-$155

Note about refills

More time will equal more lashes applied.

New clients: We DO NOT refill work from other salons. You will need to book-in for a removal, preferably at least 24 hours prior to your new set.

Existing clients: Make sure you book-in the right amount of lashes/time based on  how many of your extensions have shed and how full you want your lashes looking after the appointment.

Eyelash Extensions Removals

  • Sets From another salon, 30 minutes, $30
  • Sets from Eyewonderlust, 15 mins, FREE
  • Emergency removal for an Eyewonderlust set, no cost — please contact us as soon as possible

Eyelash extension reviews for Eyewonderlust

The best eyelash extensions in Melbourne! Grace takes pride in her work and it shows by the way she customizes your lashes to your eye shape to create the look you want to achieve.

— Jessica, Wheelers Hill

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