Differences between a stylist, senior stylist and master stylist

Lash Technician Vs Senior Stylist Vs Master Artist

What we call an eyelash extensions specialist differs between lash salons. But do they all mean the same? Lash Stylist, Lash expert, Lash technician, Lash artist. The application of eyelash extensions is a specialist skill and as we may call our selves different titles, there is also a difference in skill and experience. Here is our break down of the differences of our titles.

Lets start with Lash Technician Vs Lash Stylist Vs Lash Artist

Technicians, by definition is a person who is skilled in a technique or an art or craft. We use this term as a general description of anyone who has been trained and showed skill in the application of eyelash extensions. Here at our eyelash extension studio, a lash technician would have the basic understanding of theories of application. They approach each client with a guided formula based on the studio’s expectations.

Lash stylist or lash artist are terms that we think are interchangeable. They do however differ from lash technicians as they not only have the skill and theoretical knowledge but also experience to design with more freedom. They are able to freely create more bespoke sets for clients while maintaining proper healthy application techniques.

Junior Technician Vs Senior Stylist Vs Master Lash Artist

It is important to note the difference between Junior, Senior, and Master as set by each eyelash extensions studio. This is important because it can a drastic difference in expectations between salons too as standards of application are different within the industry.

The general rule of thumb is you get what you pay for.

Here at Eyewonderlust, this is how we determine our different levels.

Isolation Tip direction Lashline Consistency Speed (p/hr) Styling Classic Volume Years of experience No. of Certifications
Junior Perfect 95% 1mm, 85% Slow (60-80) Basic 4 lengths, 1 Curl Premades Less than 2 years 1
Senior Perfect 100% 1mm, 90% Medium (80-100) Bespoke designs 5 lengths, 2 Curls Handmade, 75% Fan Consistency More than 2 years 2-4
Master Perfect 100% 0.5mm, 100% Fast (100-120) Advanced Bespoke Varied design and technique 5 Lengths, Varied curls, Varied Diameters Handmade, 95% Fan consistency More than 4 years 4+

We have careful hiring practise to ensure that we are providing the best eyelash extensions service to all our clients. On top of that, each technician goes through very thorough training. As we have this strict guideline for our lash technicians for the benefit of our clients, their progress through the stages are managed with close training and mentoring by Master Artist  and Owner Grace.

Currently, we have Erika and Annie who are both Senior Stylists.