Our Safe & No-Damage Policy

Here at Eyewonderlust, we prioritise the health of your natural lashes.  We do not compromise our client’s comfort and health over durability. All our technicians are experienced and trained to adhere to our  “Safe & No-Damage Lash Policy”.

What is your Safe & No-Damage Lash policy?

This policy refers to our products, design, lash application, and after care.


The adhesive we use at our eyelash extensions studio is certified in Korea. This means that the production and the ingredients used in the adhesives abide by medical standards. It is deemed safe to be used for eyelash extensions. The particular adhesive we choose to use is also one that is a low irritant due to the lower level of cyanoacrylate. The eye patches that we use are also products made in Korea which contain gentle hydrogels and collagen. All our tapes are medical grade surgical tapes to ensure that they are gentle on the skin especially on the thin layers of skin around the eyes.


When we design a set of lash extensions, we ensure that the extensions never over weigh the natural lash. This enables us to protect the lash follicle in the longer term.  The optimal weight of each natural eyelash can handle is always carefully considered. If there is the desired length a client requests, we choose an appropriate thickness of extension that can compromise for the extra length. Additionally, we also take into consideration how spaced a client’s maintenance refill appointment is and how quickly their lash growth is. Over weighing a lash follicle can occur 1-2 weeks after an appointment due to the lash growth. This is one of our considerations when we design a set of lashes for each client.

Lash Application

Risks of allergic reactions are due to a chemical that settles from the fumes of the adhesive when it is curing. We minimise the amount of chemical exposure to your skin by using the minimal amount of adhesive during our application. While other studios may load excessive amounts of eyelash extension adhesive to give you longer wear. Instead, we ensure our attachment of the extension is precise for better retention. We also only apply the eyelash extension 1mm away, and no closer to the eyelid to lower the risk of an allergic reaction. After each application, we use a product that cures the adhesive instantly to lower any risks and will soon introduce a barrier cream for additional prevention of any allergic reactions.

All our technicians are trained to ensure they have precision in isolation. It means that stuck only 1 natural lash to an extension. We provide enough time for our technicians to make sure that each natural lash they separately attach to the eyelash extension and have enough time to hold and wait for that one extension attachment to ‘dry’ before moving on to another eyelash. Other studios may rush an application to get more through the door. This risks the lashes sticking to the neighbouring one causing the eyelash extensions to be uncomfortable and causes damage by prematurely pulling out the natural lash.

After care

Once you have your set of eyelash extensions, looking after them is just as important. We provide our clients with a clear after-care regime that we monitor, advise, and adjust for each individual client. At each refill appointment, we photograph and access the health of the natural lashes. We educate our clients on the best cleaning regime, its frequency, and which products to best use based on each client’s needs. If we determine that a client’s lash health is compromised by any condition, we advise them as best to our knowledge of the most appropriate action. It may include not getting extensions.

Your lash health is our no. 1 priority and we will endeavour to do so by:

  • continually educating ourselves
  • adapting our procedures and applications based on experience and learning
  • educating our clients
  • providing more time, care and service to our clients

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