Refill appointments are important

Why are eyelash extensions refill appointments important?

Eyelash extensions require maintenance. Other than the daily cleansing we highly recommend for better retention, maintenance refill appointments should be scheduled 2-3 weeks of each appointment to keep your lashline and lash follicles healthy.

Refill appointments keep your lash line healthy

When our lash artists apply an extension, we apply the extension 0.5-1mm away from the eyelash line. This is to ensure that the weight distribution is at the strongest part of the lash. As your natural lash grows, the weight of the extension will grow with the eyelash and hence lose its strength to hold the extension.

Takes the stress off your eyelash follicle

For example… Imagine holding a jug of water. If you grasp the jug close to your body, you could carry this jug for long periods without really breaking a sweat. Now, start extending your arm half way. You’ll start feeling the weight of the jug in a few minutes. Imagine then fully extending your arm with the jug of water still in your arms. That stress and weight on the end is sure to make your arm start burning. I’m sweating just imagining it. This is the same for your lashes and the stress your natural lashes can be under as your lashes grow.

During your maintenance refill appointments, we identify lashes that have grown out more than the 1mm. We gently remove these…  and then replace them with a new extension close to the lash line again. During your appointment, we also check for new growth of lashes to keep track that your lashes. We then also apply the appropriate extension onto the newly grown eyelash.

So to keep your eyelash extensions healthy and full, refill appointments are necessary. It is to ensure your eyelash extensions never overweight your lash follicle and damage your natural lashes.  Could you be leaving your refill appointments too long and widely spread that it could be damaging your lash line?