Why we choose to use faux mink lashes

Here in my eyelash extensions studio, I only use products that will provide the best results for my clients and that means using FAUX MINK lashes. Not real MINK.

Faux mink lashes are made from Polybutylene which is a synthetic fibre. With the advances in the production of eyelash extensions over the past years, manufacturers are able to produce finer, softer, and darker lashes than once thought. Also, they are much more consistent in their curls, and thicknesses now range from 0.20-0.03.

Now, that’s just talking about the results you can get from using faux mink lashes. Let’s not forget about the animal cruelty that arises from producing REAL MINK lashes. There has been a sudden rise in real mink eyelash strips particularly online and this spike has brought attention to the question how they are sourced.

I was lucky enough to get a chance to have my 2 cents worth about the matter here in a news article in the Herald Sun, Monash Leader.

Read about it here.

So, when you do ask your eyelash extensions studio what extensions they use, check if they are using FAUX MINK or REAL MINK. Then make an informed decision.

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