Classic Lash Extensions

1:1 Lash Appllication

Classic lash extensions is a popular choice of lash extensions. Individual faux mink lash extension fibres are attached to one individual natural lash ( 1 : 1 ). Each natural lash is independently assessed for its length, strength and thickness, and the most appropriate synthetic lash extension is chosen to be attached to ensure a damage-free set of eyelash extensions.

The initial consultation is very thorough and that involves an assessment of the shape of your eyes, bone structure, the direction of your natural eyelashes and the healthy and density of your natural lashes. With this, we discuss your desired outcome and together design a customised set to reach your expectations.

Russian Volume Lash Extensions

Handmade volume fans

Russian Volume extensions unlike classic lash extensions, is the attachment of several very fine and soft faux mink lash extension fibres to one single natural eyelash. The number denotes how many fibres will be used to each natural lash, for example 2D = 2 : 1, 3D = 3 : 1, and so forth. Each individual fan is carefully handmade (NOT CLUSTERS), before attaching it to the natural lash. As with classic, your natural lashes will be assessed and the correct length will be used so as not to damage your lashes. Russian volume can create density on fine  and sparse lashes without the added weight. A common misconception with Russian volume lash extensions, is that it's dramatic and fake. However, the lash extension fibre used in a Russian volume set is just as fine or finer than the natural lash, a Russian volume set can create a very natural look. This is a great set for those looking to add density to their lash line.